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Marine / Cargo


  • Pre-loading survey of nickel ore cargo. This includes can test, splattering test, ensuring compliance with IMSBC code on flow moisture point (FMP), satisfying transportable moisture limit (TML) requirements, and the like

  • Cargo and/or container damage survey. Initial/Final Draught Surveys for loading and discharging

  • Handling of cargo damage/shortage claim. Investigation on salvage value, and/or destruction of damaged cargo

  • Processing of documents for release of long outstanding containers from the Bureau of Customs, or terminal for abandoned cargoes

  • Handling of cargo seizure and/or detention

  • Other related or assigned matters


  • H&M damage surveys (above and underwater survey)

  • Investigation in cases of collision/allision

  • On-Hire / Off-Hire condition and buker surveys

  • Pre-Entry surveys

  • investigation on pollution cases

  • Handling of vessel arrest/detention, and securing the lifting of the detention order

  • Handling of agrounding/sinking incidents

  • Other related or assigned matters


  • Handling of stowaway incidents

  • Investigation on cause of extent of injury/death to stevedores

  • Non-related P&I matters requiring assistance to protect Club/Members interest

  • Other related or asssigned matters

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