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Celebrating the Women of Lacerta Group: Empowerment, Support, and Inspiration

In this month dedicated to honoring the invaluable contributions of women, we reflect on the true essence of Women's Month – empowerment, support, and inspiration. At Lacerta Group, we feel privileged to witness daily examples of women supporting and inspiring each other, fostering a strong and empowering community.

Here are some heartfelt reflections from our team members:

"This woman is truly inspiring. She has taught me the value of patience and kindness with her gentle and compassionate nature. It's hard to believe that someone as pure, dedicated, and soft-hearted as her exists. Despite facing challenges together, her unwavering positivity reassures me of her goodness. I've never seen her lose her temper; instead, she always shows patience and understanding towards others. I'm grateful to know her, her name is Ma'am Glecy."

"When I joined Lacerta Group, I wasn't sure what to expect. However, with Ma'am Nerissa as my Boss, I quickly found my footing. She's incredibly supportive, kind, and approachable. Her generous spirit and willingness to lend a hand made all the difference for me as I adjusted to the company."

"(Ma'am Glecy is) Approachable, whenever I have a question, she always replies with a smile hehe. Calm and easy to approach even on personal matters, she's always open to help. Her commitment to work is truly inspiring."

"Meeting Ella, I didn't anticipate our personalities would mesh well. But over time, we bonded during a night out, sharing personal stories and discovering common interests. Our connection deepened, and I found myself genuinely enjoying her company. In a short span, she became one of my closest companions."

"Less Than 12 Years of Life, A Lifetime of Inspiration -In the fleeting twelve years that my mom shared with me, she showed the perfect example of resilience, grace, and unwavering love. She possessed an inner strength that defied the trials that life presented. As I journey this life full of challenges, broken hearts, extreme highs and lows, I carry with me the lessons she imparted. To my Mom of less than 12 years, you still shine brightly in my heart-my inspiration. I am forever grateful."

"Shoutout to all the phenomenal women who make a difference in my life and in the world. You inspire me to be fierce and fearless! 💪✨ Happy Women's Month"

"A woman in the company that inspires you is no other our beloved Boss, Madam Flora Ignacio. Isa ako sa mga na inspire ni Madam Flora. She is so pure, very down to earth, and always extends her help to everybody. She is a mother to all of us and had been a great boss to FTM and to other companies. Sa tuwing kailangan namin mag cash advance hindi po siya nag dadalawang isip na tulungan kami. Nakita ko din na sobrang generous nya sa mga taong nangangailangan. Kahit retired na siya sa FTM, pumapasok pa rin siya minsan dito sa opisina. Kahit nalubog ang Brokerage department nitong nakaraang mga taon, hindi nya kami binitawan. Ang daming nag mamahal sa kanya at nakikita ko po yun. I look up to her as my boss and as a strong woman in the company."

At Lacerta Group, being a woman is not just about holding a position; it's about fostering a community where support, kindness, and inspiration thrive. Together, we make every day fulfilling and empowering.

Happy Women's Day, may you continue to shine bright and inspire others with your strength, resilience, and compassion. 🌸💪


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